Can I use reconditioned commercial dishwashers?

Reconditioned commercial dishwashers can be a great way for a new cafe, restaurant or commercial kitchen to save money. It’s important to go into the buying process with your eyes open though, naturally reconditioned machines are going to have wear and tear on them, even if you can’t see it at first.

reconditioned commercial dishwasher

Generally commercial dishwashers from reputable brands such as DC dishwashers can last for years upon years if correctly maintained, though whether your chosen machine has been properly maintained is more down to luck than judgement if you’re not 100% sure on what to look for. This article should provide some tips and hits for buying reconditioned commercial dishwashers but it’s by no means exhaustive,

Things to look for when buying a refurbished industrial dishwasher:

  • Obvious signs of wear and tear on the exterior?
  • Has a built in water softener been used with the machine?
  • What types of dishwasher detergents have been used with the machine?
  • How old is the machine?

Obvious signs of wear and tear shouldn’t exist on your refurbished machine if the intermediary company has done it’s job correctly but they may still exist. If they do, look out for any lack or care and maintenance and don’t be afraid to send your machine back if it doesn’t meet your standards

Has a water softener been used: if the previous owner has paid for a built in water softener, it can be a really good sign that they’ve looked after it during its lifetime. Anywhere South of the Scottish border should typically have one built in, as water below this region is technically classed as being ‘hard water’ and one thing is for sure, hard water untreated kills dishwashers.

What types of detergents have been used:  Most people will opt for commercial dishwasher detergent if they’ve taken the time to pay a great deal of money for their machine in the first place. It’s worth checking that regular dishwasher detergent hasn’t been used by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, these can often bake on to heating elements and again cut short the life of your dishwasher.

How old is the machine: You should ask this question. Catering dishwashers generally don’t change much over the years, at least not externally anyway. Judging a machines age without asking can be very difficult, so ask this question upfront.

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