Is a catering dishwasher second hand okay?

You might think that this post is a little bias, as it’s featured on a blog of a commercial dishwasher retailer. Actually though, it’s written with the honest intention of educating customers about the potential strengths and weaknesses of buying a catering dishwasher second hand.

Firstly the positive aspects of buying second hand. Second hand industrial dishwashers can be an excellent way of saving a little cash, particularly for new businesses just getting started. If you’re lucky you can pick up a machine that’s had only a little use and is perfectly fit for purpose. Where you buy the machine from can play a big part on your success here.

Unfortunately though, many machines are used in commercial kitchens where knowledge of correct usage isn’t present. Although these types of dishwashers are typically resilient to harsh environments, even the best machines can fail after prolonged abuse or incorrect usage, for example with non commercial dishwasher detergents.


Make sure you continue to use approved commercial dishwasher detergents

Rather than taking a gamble on whether the machine that you’re buying is fit for purpose, we would always recommend taking a qualified engineer along to the sale to give things a quick checker over before hand. Even someone with basic electrical or plumbing know how can easily spot signs of misuse on these machines if their current owners will give you the chance to open them up.

It’s always worth checking out whether the machine that you’re thinkings of buying second hand is still in warranty too. Not only is this a great indicator of age but it can also be seen as an insurance policy, meaning if after the sale something does go wrong with your dishwasher, you’ll still be covered. It’s also worth checking the terms of these warranties too, some of them require that approved commercial dishwasher detergents are used in order to keep them active.

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