Questions to think about before buying a commercial dishwasher

Below are some questions to think about before you decide which commercial dishwasher you need, if you have any questions then feel free to get in touch with us.

What size dishwasher do I need?

This depends entirely on how many dishes or glasses that you’re dealing with in a certain period of time, below is a table that shows how many items certain ranges of our machines can deal with:

Dishwasher rate table main


(figures are a guide only and can differ depending on the temperature of your water input, operating conditions and procedures)

Do I need a water softener?

All dishwashers generally need water softeners if their water supply is more than 100ppm, which is the majority of places in the UK. You can opt for either an external or internal water softener to be fitted to your machine which will greatly improve your washing results, decrease the cost of running it, increase the life expectancy of your washer. Be sure to let us know if you’re connecting your dishwasher directly to a hot water supply as you would need a hot water softener for this.

It is worth noting that internal water softeners are designed to be used with water that is cooler than 30 degrees celcius. For our front loading washers, the maximum softening capacity 125 Litres (approximately 40 machine cycles) at 300ppm, for pass through dishwashers this softening capacity is 250 Litres (approximately 80 machines cycles) at 300ppm. Where the hardness of the water being used exceeds 300pp and the number of daily wash cycles is greater than the recommended cycle numbers above, a different softener may be required.

Should I buy a drain pump?

The saying that ‘water doesn’t flow uphill’ is definitely true for dishwashers. You’ll need a drain pimp when the waste pipe or exit is higher than the drain outlet of the machine you’re buying so be sure to check these figures.

Should I buy a type A break tank?

The WRAS or Water Regulations Advisory Scheme say that type A break tanks should be fitted to any washing machines that are used in a commercial environment and connected to a mains water supply

What power supply do I need to use for my machine?

This depends on which machine it is that you’re buying as different washing machines have different power consumption levels. Be sure to look carefully at the number of ampage rating on the machine you’re buying in order to make sure that you have the correct power supply.

What sort of water pressure will I need?

In order for the washing machine to work at the optimal level you’ll need a water pressure between 2-4bar (28-56psi). If you’re using a pressure above or below this level, then this can have a negative effect on your wash and rinse results. It may be worth buying an internal or external rinse booster pump if you have low water pressure, if you have high pressure then you may perhaps want to consider a restrictor valve.

Can my front loading or pass through washer be connected to a cold only supply?

You can as long as there’s a water pressure between 2-4 bar (28-56psi).

Can my front loading or pass through washer be connected to a hot only supply?

Yes it can, although the water temperature must not be greater than 60 degrees Celsius and there should be an adequate water pressure of 2-4bar (28-56psi).