DC Products and Warewashing

DC Warewashing Systems have a 35 year history in the design, manufacture and distribution of catering equipment. With this time has come a respected reputation for simplicity, service and reliability. Their glass and dishwashing machines incorporate the latest technology and are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of all catering outlets. Every aspect of the commercial warewashing is catered for; from undercounter glass and dishwashers to flight conveyors, from potwashers and utensil washers to water softeners.

The company’s goal is simple; they provide the best product at the best possible price, pushing the boundaries of innovation, ergonomics and customer satisfaction at every opportunity.

When developing our products they look at all the aspects of what makes a machine more productive and homogenous with its environment. They assess and develop the machine’s labour saving capability, water and electrical efficiency, detergent and rinse aid consumption, intuitive operator controls and of course reliability, making the machine more durable to avoid down time in environments where there is none.