Choose the perfect Commercial Glass Washer for you

ProWashers supplies commercial glass washers and commercial dishwasher to suit any budget and need. Our top quality products below are all extremely capable at cleaning glasses but have some big differences. Click on one of the images below to read about what each range of washers has to offer or check our dishwasher buying guide by clicking HERE.

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What makes the perfect glass washer or commercial dishwasher?

Our commercial dishwasher have to be up to the demands of all sorts of harsh catering environments so they have been built with performance and durability in mind. Having spoken to our customers we know that one of the most important things to them is that not only can they depend on their glass washers but that they are low in cost to run. Many washers out there simply burn through electricity like there’s no tomorrow but we supply washers that have been built with the environment in mind (and our customers’ wallets) and have many features which reduces electricity consumption.

Why not a look at our premium range of glass washers

Our premium range washers not only represent great value for money but also offer the lowest running costs too. Be sure to check our the individual product pages for a full range of features but in general they come double skinned and with boiler insulation for reduced heat and acoustic emission, perfect for demanding catering environments. As well as this, they offer low volume wash tanks for improved down-times between washes, so you can get on with getting those clean glasses back to where you need them most!