Commercial Pass Through Dishwashers

ProWashers supply commercial pass through dishwasher to a wide range of businesses in the catering industry. Each of our machines offer amazing washing performance and excellent value for money, working up through our washer ranges offers you additional features and add-ons such as quicker wash times and lower energy consumptions. By clicking on the pictures below this, you can discover exactly what each range of washers has to offer you, or if you’re unsure exactly which type of dishwasher it is that you need, then take a look at the buying guide HERE.

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What makes the perfect Pass Through Dishwasher?

A great pass through washer needs to be capable of dealing with anything that a harsh catering environment can throw at it, for this reason our Pass Throughs are designed with great performance and long lasting durability as standard. We’ve talked to people in the catering industry who tell us that what they need is to be able to depend on their washer time after time, however many washing cycles they do and they also need their equipment economical to run to help their bottom line. A number of brands out there sell machines that use electricity very heavily and end up costing a large amount of money to run, this is why we ensure that our washers are made and designed with environmentally friendliness in mind (as well as our customers’ bank balances too!) and also deliver a number of features that help to lower their electricit consumption greatly.

Our premium range offers of everything

All of the premium dishwashers sold above offer an incredible value for money while producing the lowest running costs of all our washers. To make sure that you’re getting the right product for you, check out each product range page for the full list of specs and features, our premium range washers are built with a  double skin and include and insulated boiler which ensures reduced heat loss, saving money and lowering any acoustic emissions. These features make them perfect in all challenging catering environments. As well as this, our premium machines include wash tanks with a low water volume, this ensures improved downtime in between wash cycles, this means that you can carry on using those clean dishes when they’re needed the most.