Economy Range Front Loading Dishwashers

These Economy Range under-counter and load from the front dishwashers deliver superb washing results as well as top quality value for your money. They are also able to deliver fantastic performance time and time again, while still being easy going on your budget. As well as this, they even come handily equipped with an integral rinse and detergent dosing unit as well as combining excellent performances with relatively low costs or running, while still at a very affordable price tag.

Economy Range Dish Washer features:

  • Relatively low usage of water
  • Equipped with EasyClean water filters
  • A anti-block wash and rinse arm that is removable
  • Availability of Optional thermostat for precise rinse temperatures
  • Built in detergent and rinse aid units
  • Easy and straight forward controls
  • Come with 1 dish, 1 cup and cutlery basket

Technical information:

  • 240V 50hz single phase
  • Required Water Pressure: 2-4bar (28-56psi)
  • Water Connection: 3-4BSP

Optional Extras:

  • Drain Pump

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