Should you search for Commercial dishwasher ebay?

Ah Ebay, a second hand paradise for just about everything. Should you be searching for ‘commercial dishwasher eBay’ though? In a word, no.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, buying second hand dishwashers have a number of negatives in general, we always advocate buying from a reliable, authorised supplier where you can be certain of the usage history. Second hand industrial dishwashers like those that you can find on eBay often come with a great deal of risk associated with them and can often mean that if you’re purchasing cheap, then you’re going to be purchasing twice.


Don’t get me wrong, eBay can be great for household things like DVDs but when it comes to something as complex as a commercial dishwasher, you really need to use a bit more caution. The thing is, if you’re running busy restaurant, bar or pub you need your dishwasher the most at peak times when things get very busy, which is usually the time a substandard machine will choose to break down on you.

Searching for a commercial dishwasher eBay?

Added to the reliability issue, you should really seek expert advice before you make you dishwasher purchase, simply because you could end up over paying on features that you don’t really need! Even here at ProWashers, we sell dishwashers that come packed with energy saving and water efficient features, which if you’re only using your dishwasher a few times a week, really aren’t necessary. A good retailer will guide you through the buying process to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Installation is also left to you when you purchase from a website like eBay. This is no problem if you have a plumber to hand but sometimes these machines require a little specialist knowledge, we’ve seen people who have bought pass through dishwashers only to find that their outlet pipe is above their buildings outlet pipe, meaning the machine won’t drain! When that happens, you’re typically going to need a drainage pump, which any dishwasher retailer worth their salt will tell you about before hand.

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